Mulvane Steak Feed Beer and Steak

2019 Sat Sept 28th

Tickets $30 in advance
Tickets $35 at the door


What you get at the Mulvane Steak Feed:

2 Huge Steak Selections
(2 T-Bones or 1 Large Sirloin)

Big Baked Potato w/ Butter and Sour Cream
French Bread and Baked Beans
All the Drinks You Can Drink

Rain or Shine

Bring your own grill or use one Provided



You will NEED, A Platter to put raw steak on, and eat on.
All utensils to cook / eat with
a Large Mug for Drinks
Any seasoning!

Info on how to get Tickets in Advance:
You will have to go to Mulvane!
Call or Contact Mike Robinson to order tickets 777-4233



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